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Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains why Democrats are in trouble in the midterms but reminds everyone that elections are unpredictable, why South Dakota and Arkansas look out of reach for Democrats, why Greg Orman can still win Kansas, sticks with his prediction of a Alison Lundergan Grimes upset over Mitch McConnell, the insane candidates that could join the Republicans in the United States Senate, why Democrats get punished for silly comments while Republicans get away with craziness and why Ohio Governor John Kasich is a jerk.

Becky Bond the Director of the Credo Super PAC explains the dangers that progressives face if Republicans win the Senate, what races is Credo focusing on? Why progressives need to vote and why Democrats and progressives need to focus on the ground game.

On The Fun Half: Poll models and midterm turnout, Chris Christie's latest blowup is all about his pathetic record on Sandy, Charlie Crist looking good in Florida, Joni Ernst says its only a reporters opinion "that one person in America has Ebola" and your calls and IMs.

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