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Political maestro Cliff Schecter explains the vital work of the Ohio Innocence Project, the proving of the innocence of Ricky Jackson who spent thirty nine years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. How Cleveland Police based their work on a made up story of a twelve year old, debunking death penalty myths, helping rebuild Ricky Jackson's life, President Obama's hisc announcement on immigration rights, President Obama's brutal record on deportations, creating a humane policy on immigration, Republicans on immigration reform, the problem with "moderate" Republicans and will the Torture Report get released by the Senate.

 Isabel Gillies explains her work on her next book, Isabel's writing on Halloween and the backlash she faced, managing kids on the Internet, phomo and young people, remebering director Mike Nichols, Isabel takes singing lessons, Isabel performs a song, childrens stories and little girls and Isabel suggested we all watch Rush

On The Fun Half: Uber targets journalists? Bernie Sanders schools CNN on immigration reform and your calls and IMs.


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