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Naomi Klein author of This Changes Everythingexplains the fundamental organizing reality of the climate crisis and why the "right is right" on what addressing climate will mean for capitalism. Why the left should talk about climate change all the time and why they don't talk about it more. Why the "extraction worldview" allow us to think of ourselves as separate from nature. Why the 1980s were the worst time for establishing a serious policy on climate change. How mainstream environmental groups were compromised by becoming part of the Washington DC game and should we focus on confronting the fossil fuel industry or seriously investing in renewable energy? And defining the movement that needs to be built in order to reverse the climate crisis. 

On The Fun Half CNN's Don Lemon asks Joan Tarshis who has accused Bill Cosby of raping  her why she didn't bit her during oral sex, Bill O'Reilly gets the 2014 War on Christmas going and its the Muslims fault this year, two new move recommendations, Big Star and Beware of Mr. Baker, the Senate rejects Keystone for now, Senate fails to overcome filibuster on NSA reform and your calls and IMs. 

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