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Ben Adler a write for Grist explains the details of the new U.S.-China climate change agreement, what the U.S. and China are committing to doing to reduce emissions, the Chinese pollution crisis, how does the agreement fit within the broader reality of the climate crisis? What the deal does not address, pushing India and Brazil into greater action on climate change, the many reasons Republicans hate the deal and what this deal indicates about President Obama's agenda for the rest of his time in office.

Also incoming Environment and Public Works Committee Chair Jim Inhofe is absolutely insane on global warming.

On The Fun Half: when will Global Warming become real for people, do Jonathan Gruber's comments about the "stupidity about the American voter" matter, why the ACA was incredibly well debated, Maine Senator Angus King smacks down Fox & Friends for not wanting people to have health insurance, could we have had Single Payer instead? Random Rush and your calls and IMs.

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