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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day. First, he runs through updates on the debt ceiling talks and whether Biden will cave, reports on the moral and political corruption of Rudy Giuliani, the release of the Durham report, the US Virgin Island’s case against Elon Musk, Erdogan’s election repression, the booming rejection of Cop City at Atlanta’s recent city council hearing, the swearing in of Brandon Johnson as Chicago Mayor, Minnesota labor legislation, and the IRS’ report on their own discrimination, before parsing through the Right-Wing spin on the empty Durham report. Next, Sam and the MR Crew dive into the debt ceiling debate and the leaked news of Democrats playing defense for Kevin McCarthy, and whether it actually foreshadows decent strategy from the Biden camp. Wrapping up, they preview today’s special elections in Pennsylvania and tackle the expansive corruption of Rudy Giuliani recently released, from sexual assault to the sale of pardons, and the role of US intelligence.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and the MR Crew discuss the ridiculous emphasis on work requirements after decades of their failure, the clear rejection of the multi-million dollar Cop City investment by Atlanta community members, and why the right is still screaming “Laptop!” Josh Hawley talks about his manhood, a Louisville caller dives into the barriers of tackling white supremacy exclusively through class analysis, and Carly from Philadelphia dives into the HD-163 race in Pennsylvania. The crew uncovers some information about Bari Weiss’ UATX grift, Ben Shapiro rants about the biology of anthropomorphized beavers on Blue’s Clues, Marily from Tucson dives into the threat to one’s life that is being jailed in America, and Maya from Grand Rapids discusses the role of COVID funds moving forwards. Abraham from Illinois shares some harrowing stories about immigration enforcement in Florida, plus, your calls and IMs!

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