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 It's Hump Day! Sam and Emma host economist Nathan Tankus, proprietor of the Notes on the Crises newsletter, to discuss the debt ceiling negotiations. Then, they're joined by Jessica Valenti, author of the Abortion, Every Day newsletter on SubStack, to discuss the recent anti-aborton laws being passed in state legislatures across the country. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the GOP’s increasing demands for cuts (and spending), student loan forgiveness, a collab between Tiny D and Tiny E, fascist legislation in South Carolina, Florida, and Montana, and Target’s response to homophobic violence at their stores, plus, John Roberts addresses concerns about internal Supreme Court ethics problems by assuring us it’ll be addressed internally. Nathan Tankus then joins, diving right into the complete incompetence within Democratic leadership that led up to this debt ceiling debacle, including the “lessons” Biden is taking from last decade’s debt ceiling debacle, and why they refused to make a plan B in case the obstructionist GOP obstructed. Next, he, Sam, and Emma tackle the balance between maliciousness and incompetence within both parties, before parsing through the unilateral actions Biden COULD take (including the platinum coin), and why Democrats love to manufacture their own failures. Jessica Valenti then shifts the conversation to the Republican attack on reproductive health, tackling the massive problems presented by the GOP’s “exceptions,” why, despite the discourse, they have little to no practical effect on actually getting vulnerable people abortions, and why taking them seriously only puts more lives in danger. After parsing through the particulars of Republican states’ legislative strategy, they look to the likelihood of a National Ban, and greater tactics of chipping away at reproductive freedom for all Americans. Wrapping up, they explore the relationship between attacks on reproductive healthcare and transgender healthcare, and reflect on two decades of failing Democratic messaging.

And in the Fun Half: Benny Jonhson gets schooled on Twitter spaces, Rep. Crane from Arizona makes a fool of himself in Congress, and Target concedes to violent homophobes, taking LGBTQ merch out of stores. Emma and Sam tackle Lauren Boebert’s recent anecdote in the wake of her divorce, and discuss alternative debt ceiling tactics, plus, your IMs!

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