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It's Hump Day! Sam and Emma host Dennis Tajer, Communications Committee Chair Captain for the Allied Pilots Association (APA) to discuss a potential strike amongst American Airlines pilots. Then, writer Greg Iwinski joins the show from the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) picket line as they strike for a better contract and working conditions! First, Sam and Emma react to the bombshell guilty verdict that found former President Trump liable for sexual battery and defamation against E. Jean Carroll, and the...less-than-vigorous response from Republican senators asked to react to the decision. They're then joined by Dennis, who explains the various infrastructures of pilot unions, why American Airlines pilots specifically and overwhelmingly approved a strike authorization, what exactly the pilots are fighting for in terms of a work-life balance that did not exist before COVID, and what's next in terms of negotiations and demand-setting. Then, late night comedy writer Greg Iwinski comes on the program from the picket line outside Amazon and HBO headquarters in Hudson Yards in Manhattan. He explains the reasons as to why the Writers Guild of America (WGA) decided to authorize a strike, how writing work for television has completely changed, from that of a holistic writing and artistic process to one that resembles what it's like to work in the gig economy, how studios and networks offering day-rate projects doesn't and cannot lead to a lasting career in show business (there are no day rates for...paying rent and feeding one's children, for example), and what people can do to help out the striking writers.
And in the Fun Half, Sam loses his mind over Sen. Dianne Feinstein's continued absence from her job. He and the MR Crew also react to Rep. George Santos's surrender to New York authorities over 13 (!!) federal charges, and...another less-than-vibrant reaction from top Republican brass in the house to these revelations. Matt Walsh has something to say about manliness in sports, and Emma breaks down some BOMBSHELL reporting in the Washington Post that shows that legendary writer Alex Haley may have doctored a quote by Martin Luther King in an interview where he heavily criticized Malcolm X. Plus, your calls & IM's!
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