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Sam and Emma host Jane McAlevey, Senior Policy Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley's Labor Center, to discuss her recent book Rules to Win By: Power and Participation in Union Negotiations. They begin by running through updates on the WGA strike, an impending airline strike, the fascist attacks on Zooey Zephyr, fascist attacks on healthcare in Oklahoma and Florida, Vice Media’s impending bankruptcy, and the Rangers’ devastating loss last night, before parsing through the Senate Judiciary hearing on the Supreme Court’s ethics issues. Jane McAlevey then joins as she walks Sam and Emma through her experiences working in, and writing about the labor organizing process, from her time with the AFL-CIO in the ‘90s through her multiple texts that attempt to address the disconnect between labor mobilization and labor organizing, and understanding organizing as community outreach rather than focusing on those already aligned with your goals. Next, McAlevey dives into the challenges of the unionization process, with union-busting remaining prevalent well after a successful vote and throughout the bargaining processes, the importance of having community support and solidarity to bolster the long and draining battle, and the networks community organizing can create. She also looks to the case studies that she explores in her books, tackling the importance of building on worker knowledge and transparency in the bargaining process, and before they wrap up the interview by walking through the recent renaissance of labor consciousness in the US, the importance of youth labor activists, the future of labor action, and why capitalists want more of the gig economy.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma dive a little deeper into the WGA strike and the impact of the streaming era on labor compensation, Nancy Mace’s stance on Ron DeSantis’ Florida abortion ban, Rudy Giuliani giving away the game on legal disenfranchisement, and Fox’s post-woke fantasies of the future for Elon’s Twitter. Dr. Matthew from the University of Texas walks through his presidential fantasies, Emma grapples with the Rangers’ playoff exit, and the MR Crew tackles the absurdity of the streaming era, plus, your calls and IMs!

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