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Tom Scocca (@tomscocca) joins the MR Crew in studio to discuss his recent piece in Slate, "Where Taking the Concerns of Racists Seriously Has Gotten Us," and to recap the week's biggest stories.

On today's show: CNN reports that the two-month old baby orphaned in El Paso shooting was discharged from hospital, then brought back for Trump's photo op. Trump gives a "thumbs up" with the baby.

Tom Scocca (@tomscocca), politics editor at Slate, joins the MR Crew in studio to discuss his recent piece in Slate, "Where Taking the Concerns of Racists Seriously Has Gotten Us," as well as the week's biggest stories. The New York Times' boneheaded reporting on white supremacist violence. Bret Stephens claims the Democrats alienate "normal" Americans. NYT's Jon Weisman parrots white supremacist talking points. Joe Biden says at a Town Hall in Iowa "poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills elaborates on how he feels about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross hosting a re-election fundraiser for Trump. Ben Shapiro upset over Al Sharpton's cracker sponsorship. 11-year-old girl tearfully begs for her father's release following Mississippi ICE raids. Mike from PA on his debate with Destiny. Broflamingo on the Clintons' racism. CNN's Erin Burnett asks Nadler about impeachment, Nadler replies, "this is formal impeachment proceedings." Andrew Cuomo on CNN New Day says Democrats should come together to create a mental health database for gun buyers. Pete Hegseth on Varney and Co says global climate change is a hoax to control what people eat. A caller on the #RecallDunleavy campaign in Alaska.

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Lindsey Graham promises to repeal ObamaCare if Trump and House Republicans win in 2020. (The Hill)

Meanwhile, Trump and Melania smiling photo opp with a baby orphaned in El Paso massacre draws global criticism. (The Independent)

And lastly, a new study finds that police are a leading cause of death for young men, especially those of color. (Daily Beast)


From The Hollywood Reporter; Long John Silver's is dropping Fox News after host Tucker Carlson called White Supremacy, “a ‘hoax’”. The brand is one of more than 20 that have stopped advertising with Fox News show because of Carlson’s offensive rhetoric.

A Brazilian Supreme Court minister has barred the Bolsonaro administration from investigating Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept for their reporting on the government’s unethical and potentially illegal conduct. (The Intercept)

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook has offered millions of dollars to ABC News, Dow Jones, Washington Post, and Bloomberg to license their content for a Facebook news section that will debut later in in 2019.

And Time Magazine reports the U.S. and the Taliban are close to a peace deal after 18 years of war. The agreement just happens to remove U.S. forces fast enough to meet Trump’s demand that all troops are out of Afghanistan by the November 2020 presidential election.

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