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On today's show, The Host of the Benjamin Dixon Show, Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon ) and the renowned Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler ). Benjamin Dixon joins Sam to recap the biggest stories of the week including the change in Public Charge laws, the possibility of an economic recession, and Israel's decision to ban the first two Muslim American congresswomen from visiting the "only democracy in the Middle East." Sam and Benjamin agree that changes to the Public Charge laws function as a chilling effect, keeping immigrants from seeking entitlements and turning benefit programs into exclusionary services. Lost in Israel's decision to bar Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar is the role of BDS. Sam and Benjamin explain the BDS movement and why establishment Democrats and the GOP compare it to extremist ideology and antisemitism. Sam explains the changing role of AIPAC in American politics and Americans evolving feelings towards Israel in the 21st century. Michael Brooks joins the conversation to place the Israel-Palestine apartheid conflict in the broader context of boycott and divestiture movements in similar struggles. Andy Kindler makes his triumphant return to the Majority Report! Andy recalls the time Chris Cuomo threw him down the stairs at a party. Next, Andy and Sam go deep on Ben Shapiro's "Sunday Sitdown" with Dennis Miller, the worst conversation on comedy in recorded history.

And in the Fun Half: 2019's hottest collab: Bernie and Cardi B, Dennis Prager is giddy thinking racial tensions have diminished, the Fox & Friends C team lives up to its name, Trump brings back the road comic routine for 2020, Sam explains the Hoarse Whisperer "controversy," plus your IMs!

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Israel now says they will allow Rep. Rashida Tlaib to visit the country—but only as a private citizen.

An ex-Blackwater contractor is sentenced to life in prison for his part in a 2007 massacre of Iraqi civilians. 

Trump wants to buy Greenland. You heard that right folks, Greenland. 


A Fox News poll released Thursday showed Trump losing head-to-head matchups against four of the top Democratic presidential primary contenders.

Politico reports that top officials in the State Department bureau dealing with international institutions engaged in “disrespectful and hostile treatment” of staffers, including harassing some over suspicions that they were “disloyal” due to their suspected political views.

And lastly, Beto O’Rourke told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on Thursday that he “will not in any scenario run for the United States Senate.” MSNBC

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