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Samuel Stein joins Sam to discuss his book, Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State. In this book, Stein shows how the $200T real estate industry has accounted for more than 60% of the global assets and how urban planning policy has enabled its tremendous growth.

On today's show: Ainsley Earhardt says it's great that kids are praying (after losing their home, car, and parents' jobs).

Samuel Stein, PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center, joins Sam to discuss his book, Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate StateThe history of real estate and how manufacturing capital once provided a check on real estate capital. The cycles of investment and disinvestment driving gentrification. How wealthy landowners got much of NYC re-zoned in the 1970s and how housing became hyper-commodified by a financialized economy. Rent control, tenants' unions, and other ways city dwellers can fight back. A brief history of the Trump family's real estate empire.

On the fun half: Ben Shapiro believes it's a conspiracy to link conservative tropes to white supremacist violence. Ken Cuccinelli offers to rewrite Emma Lazarus poem on the Statue of Liberty. Sonny Perdue mocks farmers as "whiners" amid trade war bankruptcies. Moscow Mitch protest in Kentucky. Biden gaffes, says he was VP during Parkland shooting. MSNBC anchor Ayman Mohyeldin pushes back after colleague wrongly scolds him on-air over immigration. Mohyeldin follows up on-air statement on Twitter: Trump has, indeed, expressed a preference for immigrants from Nordic countries. A Florida caller on the positive effects of Bernie's Joe Rogan appearance.

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The Treasury Department says the U.S. budget deficit is already more than last year’s total figure. (TBB)

Meanwhile, a new poll finds that a large majority of Americans want undocumented immigrants in the US to be granted legal status. (CNN)

And lastly, Trump guts the Endangered Species Act but it’s still not evil enough for some Republicans. (NPR)


Harry Reid is back, calling the Senate a “Graveyard” and demanding an end to the Filibuster. “The future of our country is sacrificed at the altar of the filibuster," the former Senate majority leader wrote in a New York Times op-ed.

Citizen’s For Ethics reports that Trump’s hand-picked IRS Commissioner, Charles Rettig, is earning as much as $1 million in rental income from the Trump-branded properties he co-owns.

Newsweek reports that Sonny Perdue, Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture, got boo’d after told a joke about farmers being whiners to an audience full of farmers at a farm show! Talk about not reading the room.

And the New Republic reports that Republicans are apparently getting very nervous about maintaining their stranglehold on the Lone Star State as the Texas GOP braces for a Blue Wave in 2020. Yes, that Texas.

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