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On today's show: Trump wonders about Jewish loyalty and voting for Democrats. Wayne Allyn Root says Robert Mueller's investigation is about "penis envy," calls Trump "King of the Jews." Trump thanks Wayne Allyn Root for his kind words. Bernie says he plans to vote for a Jewish candidate this time around. Trump tries to neg Danish PM into selling him Greenland; she responds. Trump wants to send nukes to space. CBP won't give immigrants flu shots. DHS secretary unveils plans that will scrap the Flores agreement. Castro, Warren's immigration plans. Bernie's labor platform. Biden remembers when RFK and MLK were assassinated in the late '70s.

On the fun half: The Amazon rainforest is on fire, probably Bolsonaro's fault. Ronald Raygun on immigration policy. De Blasio's baby voice. Trump says administration is considering payroll and capital gains tax cuts. Energy secretary Rick Perry fooled by Instagram scam. Brian Kilmeade defends Trump's Jewish "loyalty" remarks. Sean Spicer is on "Dancing With the Stars." A lightning round where we take a bunch of calls!

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Trump blows the White Nationalist bullhorn from the Oval Office, calling Jews who vote for Democrats either stupid or disloyal.

The NRA has already managed to get Trump to back off his recent calls for expanded background checks.

The Border Patrol says they will not provide flu vaccines to migrant children in border camps even though the infection has killed at least three children in custody this year. 


Politico reports that the FDIC board voted 3-1 Tuesday to give big banks more leeway to make risky short-term bets in financial markets by loosening a landmark but highly contentious regulation known as the Volcker rule.

A new CNN poll finds 65% of Americans say current economic conditions are good, but that’s down since May, representing the first significant decline in public perception of the economy during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The AP reports that Democrats plan to spend at least $1.2 million on ads in Maine to defeat Susan Collins, including a TV spot that accuses Collins of failing to protect Medicare.

And from the Chicago Tribune, Pete Buttigieg held a self-described grassroots campaign rally on Chicago’s Southside on Tuesday night, but the overwhelmingly white audience he drew to the event in a historic black neighborhood reinforced the difficulty the Democratic presidential hopeful has had in connecting with African American voters.

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