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Ann Hodges, a Professor of Law at the University of Richmond, joins us to discuss the implications of the Janus case.

On today's show: The NLRB throws out an anti-labor ruling due to a Trump appointee's conflict of interest. Donald Trump won't share his umbrella with his wife and child. A brief introduction to the Janus case.

Ann Hodges, a Professor of Law at the University of Richmond, joins us to discuss the Janus case and what it could mean for public sector unions. As per the Abood decision of 1977, it's legal to have a union shop in the public sector, which means every worker whose interests a union represents is required to pay dues whether or not they want to join the union. However, the union may not use objectors' dues for political purposes. The argument currently being made in the Janus case is that money is political speech, and all union activity is political. Hence, requiring dues of union-averse workers infringes on their first amendment rights. Hodges goes over the basics, the politics, the response of unions, and the effect of the 2016 election. She also goes over some of the absurd suits that could be brought based on Janus' legal precedent.

On the fun half: North Korea point man Joseph Yun resigns from the state department. Trump talks tough about China. PA gets a better district map. The leftist potential of billboards and video games. MAGA fan paints portrait of Trump respecting the flag. Paul Ryan claims tax cuts are helping small businesses, but they're actually going to stock buybacks. Democratic lawmaker/former Verizon exec Mark Keam flashes hammer and sickle behind DSA State Senate rep. Lee Carter while Carter is talking about poverty. Trump claims he would have rushed the Parkland shooter. Ben Carson on having a gun pulled on him. Vice roundtable of current and former NRA members sound off on gun control. GORKA RETURNS. More black bloc talk. Are conservatives under-represented in academia? Ronald Raygun fills in on the Rodriguez case, which will deny detained immigrants the right to bond hearings.

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