The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Eric Levitz from New York joins the Majority Report to talk about his latest report on why canceling the country's $1.4T student debt would increase the purchasing power of a broad, and growing, part of the American labor force.

First, Maria Bartiromo and Paul Ryan choreograph concern about the national debt in order to gut social benefits. 

Then, Eric Levitz on the depressive economic impact of student debt. Navigating the resentments that a student debt jubilee could engender. What sort of students would debt relief help most? How student debt exacerbates the racial wealth gap. The interaction between the declining middle class and need for a college degree to avoid economic precariousness. How does a student debt jubilee become politically feasible.

On the fun half - Megan McArdle has a new job, Gregg Popovich is America's wisest basketball coach, NRATV impresses with a tv smashing commercial, Trump is mentally ill-equipped to care, Jeff Sessions gives a shout out to America's white sheriffs, the perils of calling state constitutions for money in politics.

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