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Murtaza Hussain joins us to discuss his latest piece from The Intercept where he details the skyrocketing civilian death toll in the U.S.-led war against ISIS and whether our political changes may be influencing the conduct of this war.

First, Gorka wants teachers to lay down suppressing fire in event of shootings while Hannity wants guards on every floor.

What is the contrast between the Obama and Trump administrations regarding rhetoric, policy, and personnel? Understanding how counterinsurgency (COIN) strategies have worked and not worked in Iraq and Afghanistan. The defeat of ISIS and remaining conditions for insurgency. What the left positions should be on the Assad government and foreign interventionism.

On the fun half - Ben Carson is spending $30k on dining sets for HUD, where the Left should focus gun control efforts, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have to apologize for spreading lies about the CNN gun town hall, Laura Ingraham wants kids to shut up and stop playing victims, Wayne LaPierre and the NRA are concerned about the DSA.

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