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Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains why Andrew Cuomo is so delusional, the best ways to vote against Cuomo in 2014, the state of play in the 2014 election, can Mitch McConnell still beat in Kentucky, why Democrats may pull off an upset in Georgia, Mary Landrieu and Mark Begich's run smart campaigns on Social Security, radical Republican Cory Gardner running a tight race against Mark Udall, why Iowa may also elect a crazy person to the Senate, Democrats say turnout is good, why Tom Harkin is sitting on money that could be used to defeat Joni Ernst, why Democrats will hang on in North Carolina and  Ebola panic and the midterms.

Isabel Gillies explains how her new book Starry Night  is doing, what her next project is, Isabel's rough parenting week,  Isabel suggested the movies All Is Lost and what makes a movie store.

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn confuses African borders with America's borders during an Ebola hearing, Fox & Friends have an amazing explanation for why we don't have a Surgeon General, media and the Ebola hype, did Alaska Congressman Don Young kill someone once? and your calls and IMs.

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