The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Attorney Michael Burg  of Burg Simpson explains how the drive against union labor is undermining building standards across the country, how corporations blocking Americans from the opportunity to go to Court, the propaganda against class action law suits, the most important post financial crisis law suit and why Wall Street criminals need to go to jail.

Consumer advocacy attorney Brandon Bogle explains the pharmaceutical industries scam testosterone products, targeting the aging male consumer, drug companies are marketing companies, how Pharma invents diseases and the health crisis created by Pharma scams.

Talk host David Pakman explains his impressions of the Mass Torts Conference, Dupont pollutes small town America, Supreme Court upholds draconian voter ID laws, the Republican voter fraud scam, why Republicans benefit from low voter turnout and Phyllis Schlafly says Obama is letting Ebola in America on purpose to make it more like Africa.

Attorney Roger Denton explains the danger of the blood thinning drug Xarelto, why the marketers behind Xarelto are lying about the safety of the drug, why Bayer Pharmaceuticals is so horrible and the FDA revolving door.

On The Fun Half:  how Sam gambles, why David Pakman always gets Ided, why Republicans target trial lawyers, is tipping a problem and your calls and IMs.

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