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Live from the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas:

West Virginia Attorney Lee Javins explains what type of trial law he practices, representing coal miners, the dangers of coal mining, coal mining technology, the members of Lee's family who died in coal mines, why mining jobs pay well, how the industry demonizes environmentalists and attorneys, the weakening of West Virginia's unions, why West Virginia's economy is locked into coal and how the coal industry has merged with the work force to fight regulation.

Cliff Schecter explains the latest rendition of the Paul Ryan budget, how the Republicans keep pushing on Social Security cuts, Paul Ryan's ongoing drive to kill Medicare, why the purpose of Ryan's budget is just give aways to the rich and corporations, the pathological drive to harm poor people, how President Obama opened the door to cutting Social security, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras come back to the United States and how is Edward Snowden not off the hook yet?

Michael Huttner, the Legal Director of the Corporate Action Network explains the Johnson And Johnson Hurts Women campaign, the dangerous medical products that Johnson and Johnson sells to women, Johnson and Johnson's coverup and Johnson and Johnson's pr makeover.

George Zimmerman attorney, Mark O'Mara explains why he defended George Zimmerman, what the job of a defense attorney is, the problems with Stand Your Ground, debating the Zimmerman case, was Trayvon Martin Standing His Ground?  and what type of Stand Your Ground reforms O'Mara wants.

Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman and your IMs.

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