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Digby and Jonathan Cohn win Hillman Prizes, the Supreme Court sides with Michigan against Affirmative Action, the importance of the political process doctrine, the Supreme Court's slow motion move against Affirmative Action, Tim Wise explains that whites have benefited from Affirmative Action throughout American history, legacy applicants, Sonia Sotomayor's dissent, Robert's absurd anti Affirmative Action self esteem argument, Thomas Piketty's inequality manifesto surges in sales, more evidence that top rate tax cuts increases inequality and slows growth, Princeton research shows we are living in a economic and political plutocracy and America's Middle Class no longer the most wealthy.

On The Fun Half: Cliven Bundy a liar, right wing hack Dinesh D'souza knew he was breaking campaign finance laws, taxes and inequality, Singapore's social policies and your calls and IMs.

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