The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff and Sam both see many paths to an Obama victory, Cliff praised George McGovern for his legacy on issues of war and peace, should recent polls make liberals worried? Could Obama lose the popular vote and win the electoral college?Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid throw monkey wrenches in potential post election grand bargain negotiations, Obama has committed himself to vetoing any legislation during the lame duck that would extend the Bush tax cuts on upper income earners in a victory for progressive strategy and how Democrats can win the tax cut fight.

Isabel Gillies shared a life lesson she received from Nora Ephron, explained why Romney is such a jerk and recommended the James Bond movie Moonraker and got some push back from Sam for that pick.

Paul Ryan calls war on woman "a myth", Congressman Joe Walsh peddles Todd Akin like views on Abortion and Rape, Sam thought Romney was nasty and Obama was self effacing at the Alfred E Smith Dinner and we heard a new song from Jimmy Reefercake.

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