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Former Washington lobbyist and policy advisor Jeff Connaughton author of The Payoff, explained why Washington never takes on Wall Street, how careerism shapes law enforcement decisions in Washington, the failure of the regulatory apparatus and why aggressively reigning in the major banks would help the economy as a whole. Sam and Jeff also discussed the "Blob" and how there is no two party system when it comes to the financial sector.

And Ron Seifert, of explained his groups work in direct action against construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in Texas, how police are engaging in major acts of brutality against demonstrators and the misuse of Imminent domain in seizing private land for the pipeline.

Better Half: Paul Ryan gets testy but makes some good points about crime and poverty and admits that President Obama isn't proposing any new gun laws, why would ask me that question, Paul Broun, ranking Republican on

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