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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. First, they run through updates on Netanyahu’s plan to cleanse Rafah, the ceasefire deal being pushed in Egypt, the UNSC’s assessment of Palestinian membership, the GOP’s insistence on maintaining child poverty, environmental regulation, and the legal woes of Donald Trump and Eric Adams, before diving into Biden’s newest iteration of a student debt relief plan and why he insists on repeatedly falling into the same traps. Sam and Emma also discuss Trump’s pivot back to states’ rights on abortion, and Laura Ingraham’s pivot back to defending states’ rights on abortion, and watch Biden’s new targeted Roe v. Wade ad, before parsing through the incredible success of the Child Tax Credit in alleviating child poverty in the US, and why the GOP (and some Democrats) are so insistent on killing it. After tackling the major climate change developments in Europe’s top human rights court, Sam and Emma wrap up the free half with the killing of the nomination of the potential first Muslim judge on the Federal Bench, and the ongoing struggle against institutionalized medical racism in the US.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma expand on the EPA’s recent pollution regulations, James Comer addresses AOC’s allegations that he’s using suspect Russian intelligence in his Biden impeachment, all because he’s using suspect Russian intelligence in his Biden impeachment, and RFK Jr’s Campaign Director paints a picture of an ideal Election Day for RFK – the election of Donald Trump. Doug from LA asks for business advice, Jacob Frey defends his veto of minimum wage protections for Uber and Lyft drivers to deafening silence, Michael Knowles continues to struggle in the art of drama, and the TimCast crew endorses embracing oppression, plus, your calls and IMs!

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