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It’s Hump Day! And Sam is coming to us LIVE from the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas!  Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel’s excuses for the slaughter of World Central Kitchen workers, Biden’s newest military support package for Israel, Biden’s poor swing state polling, yesterday’s primaries, Ukraine aid, Wisconsin politics, and the major earthquake that hit Taiwan, also watching Dr. Thaer Ahmad’s appearance on CNN after his walking out of a meeting where Biden was attempting to reach out to the Arab American community over Gaza. After briefly touching on the specific nature of mass tort law, Sam is joined by Tommy James of Tommy James Law in Birmingham, Alabama, first touching on his history as a trial lawyer and how he began representing institutionalized young people. Diving deeper into his work with kids in the “troubled teen” industry, James walks through how these for-profit institutions take unregulated money from both the state and families in a scam that claims to help the most troubled of kids, despite employing untrained, uncertified, underpaid, and overworked employees, and often leaving children with worse scars than they arrived with. Next, James walks through his recent and ongoing cases in the industry, before expanding on his ongoing cases suing the state DOE and DHR over approving the institutionalizing of children in sub-standard educational settings, and what the success of those cases could mean moving forward. Mike Papantonio of Levin Papantonio Rafferty then talks with Sam about the importance of holding corporations accountable for their crimes against the public, looking into his case against HSBC over their laundering of money for international criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations, why legal structures make it that even the worst of corporate associations can only be punished through civil means, and why, without actual criminal consequences, corporate accountability will continue to be a fantasy. Andy Childers, also from Levin Papantonio Rafferty, then joins to update us on his ongoing case regarding Abbott Labs and Johnson and Johnson’s continued marketing of cow’s milk formulas to preterm infants despite repeated and clear evidence that it has severe health effects in premature babies, including necrotizing enterocolitis, and the arguments this case hinges on. Wrapping up the show, Sam and Emma watch Rob Schmitt and Art Laffer (of the Laffer curve) pin inflation on worker wages, and Donald Trump is still a wildly xenophobic border fascist.

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