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Sam hosts Dr. Mark Alain Déry (@drdery), an infectious disease expert at Access Health Louisiana, to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the Trump administration's response as it continues its spread across the continental US.

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On today's show:

Trump gives potentially deadly medical advice, tells people to take as-yet unapproved drug hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19: "What have you got to lose?” Doctor describes the potential side effects and dangers of hydroxychloroquine. Trump blocks Fauci from answering question about hydroxychloriquine.

Dr. Mark Alain Déry (@drdery), an infectious disease expert at Access Health Louisiana, joins Sam to discuss the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the Trump administration's response as it continues its spread across the continental US. Déry's experience treating and tracking the virus at Louisiana's largest Medicaid clinic. The difficulties in tracking Covid-19 versus other diseases like HIV. Why we need to shift to antibody testing. The problems caused by the US refusing to adopt world testing standards. The best ways to protect yourself. How human development encroaching on nature contributes to the spread of new viruses.

On the fun half:

A caller expresses cynicism towards electoral campaigns as a tactic for progressive change. John Berman asks trade policy advisor why he's giving medical advice and challenging Fauci. Dr. Drew threatens to sue people for posting clips of his terrible Covid-19 comments. Woman going to church not concerned about Covid-19; "I'm covered in Jesus' blood." Kenneth Copeland preaches away Covid-19 to an empty church. Asked about delay in federal delivery of respirators, Trump tells reporter to "stop asking wise guy questions." Jim Clyburn says new committee will not investigate Trump administration's preparedness or response to Covid-19 during oversight committee investigation. Josh from Chicago provides a counterpoint to the first caller. The Cuomo brothers' conflict of interest.

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