The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam breaks down the top headlines, including the critical Wisconsin Supreme Court win for Democrats, how Sanders' endorsement will influence Joe Biden's campaign, and Trump's plans and committees to reopen America. With Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) of 'The Nomiki Show' and fun half appearance by Jamie!

On today's show: Trump says he has total authority to reopen the country, governors need him one way or another. Trump says President's "authority is total" to reopen the country after governors say they don’t want to reopen it. Progressive ousts conservative incumbent from WI Supreme Court in surprise upset. CBS reporter relentlessly questions why Trump admin took so long with response to Covid-19. Fauci upset with media trying to get him, says all his work is voluntary, nobody is forcing him to do anything. Florida Surgeon General removed from meeting after saying state should continue social distancing until vaccine is available.

On the fun half: Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden. Biden says "we can't build back to the past," the failures of the social safety net have been exposed. Kyle Kulinski tweet about not voting for Biden in general. Bernie Sanders lays out "task forces" between Biden and Sanders campaign staffs. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumpka pushes back against concern that workers won't go back to work because unemployment pays better. Reflecting on his work during Covid-19 shelter in place, Chris Cuomo has decided he hates his work. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem announces hydroxychloroquine testing on state's Covid-19 cases. Brian Kilmeade, still upset about PPP loan conditions, says workers need owners.

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