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Happy Wednesday, joining Michael Brooks on today’s Majority Report is Loren Rodgers, Executive Director of the National Center for Employee Ownership to discuss a recent article featured in the New Republic. In America there are now over 7,000 employee owned businesses who revenue totals close to half a billion dollars. The history of employee ownership is one was designed and adapted to deal with the growing wealth inequality, namely investment banker Louis Kelso who was instrumental in designing Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Rodgers goes on to explain ESOPs have a history on both the right and left with both environmental conscious brands and christian brands both establishing ESOPs as a way to maintain their company values. Brooks and Rodgers go on to explore the current employee-owned related legislation and policy being promoted by legislators in Washington and on the 2020 campaign trail; particularly, Bernie and his state-run employee ownership centers and the US Employee Ownership Bank. Rodgers also says Kristin Gillibrand has taken up the lion's share of the employee ownership movement with her 2018 Main Street Employee Ownership Act.

On the fun half: Will the DA election in Queens be stolen from Caban? How not to challenge McConnell. Should tinkering with credit score formulation really be a priority now? Interracial marriage by jews is a new holocaust, says rabbi. Tucker does more bigotry against Ilhan Omar. A MR-listening moderate Nebraska farmer may run as a pro-M4A republican.

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