The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam at Netroots! Day 2.

Sam is joined by Adele Stan from Right Wing Watch,

Briahna Joy Gray and Winnie Wong from the Bernie Sanders campaign,

Jeff Hauser of the Revolving Door Project, Alexandra Rojas of Justice Democrats,

Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Ryan Grim of The Intercept,

and Matt Christman, Brendan James and Virgil Texas of Chapo Trap House.

Also: Bernie gets an approving pat from a postal worker, Trump says Acosta did a great job as labor secretary, Brooke Goldstein claims Ilhan Omar "would be a member of the KKK" if she weren't in Congress, Pelosi admonishes "squad" not to tweet their complaints, David Dayen updates us on the White House's attack on asylum seekers, Tommy Robinson supporting thugs attack journalists outside parliament, Trump says the kidney "has a special place in the heart."

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President Trump stuns his conservative allies by announcing that he’s finally caving his plan to add a citizenship question to the Census (Mother Jones)

Conservative Democrat William Lacy Clay accused Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of using the race card in her dust-up with Nancy Pelosi (Splinter)

San Francisco Bay Area immigration rights group says ICE arrests that were scheduled to start this weekend have already begun (KRON)


The House Judiciary approves subpoenas for 12 key witnesses, including Jared Kushner (Politico)

New victims are coming forward as Jeffrey Epstein's asks to be released from jail to his $77 million Manhattan mansion (Miami Herald)

Betsy DeVos is being sued over her student loan forgiveness program that denies 99 percent of the applicants (Politico)

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