The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Economics editor of Channel 4 News, in the UK, Paul Mason, explains the political currents that led to the victory of Syriza in Greece. How Syriza drew center-left and center-right voters while being a party of the left. The Neo-Nazi politics of Golden Dawn and the connections between center-right parties and the Nazis. Austerity and the corruption of Greek business. Youth and the revolt against corruption and inequality and what comes next.

On The Fun Half: Eddie Murphy is doing what? How Republicans are trying to lie about caring for inequality and the real anti inequality agenda. Fox News discovers the rape crisis? A debate with a Mens Rights Activist. Utah State Rep is concerned about a new anti rape law for all of the horrible reasons you can imagine. Alex Jones goes on sexist rant in defense of Rand Paul and your calls and IMs.

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