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Micah Uetricht, the Web Editor of In These Times explains Rahm Emanuel getting forced into a runoff in the Chicago Mayoral race matters. The progressive politics of Rahm's opponent Chuy Garcia. The Chicago Teachers Union strike and the movement against Emanuel. Community activism and the response to the right wing Emanuel agenda. Also can Emanuel lose the election outright and the future of progressive urban politics.

Matt Duss the President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace explains the deeper conflicts behind the breakdown in the relationship between Israel and the United States. The strategic differences between the United States and Israel. Why Israeli voters are focused on economics. Bibi's cynical use of Iran his own political purposes. Tim Kaine will not attend Bibi's Congressional address and its a big deal. The distinction between American perceptions of Iran and the Palestinians. In spite of it all is Bibi still headed to reelection and the state of Iran negotiations.

On The Fun Half: Sarah Palin sells "I Stand With Bibi" T-Shirts. Andrew Cuomo announces a massive email purge in the middle of a public investigation into corruption in Albany. Rahm Emanuel is the absolute worst. More Bill O'Reilly lies. Pat Robertson says Yoga teaches you to speak "Hindu". Donald Trump makes news. Also your calls and IMs.

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