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The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim explains why Eric Cantor may have been upset in his primary, why we shouldn't underestimate the "jerk factor", why Eric Cantor could not control the Tea Party beast, how Eric Cantor beat himself, what Cantor's loss means for Republican leadership, why the next possible Republican Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy is really bad at his current job and what are the legislative implications of Cantor's loss.

Peter Galuszka a Contributing Editor for Style Weekly in Richmond Virginia explains who the new Republican Primary voters? The resentment against Eric Cantor, how did the anti Cantor message spread? What was the role of far right radio in Brat's win, Eric Cantor's unforced error, the Democratic candidate Jack Trammell, David Brat's position on the minimum wage and is Brat vulnerable because of his far right views on immigration.

David Brat says there are no real differences between Tea Party values and Republican values. He is also funded in his Libertarian work by a bailed out bank and he flubs an easy question to the minimum wage.

On The Fun Half: Scottie Nell Hughes the Chief Correspondent For the Tea Party News Network, the Tea Party response to David Brat's claim that the Tea Party and the Republicans share identical principle, David Brat's position on minimum wage, a Republican Congressman Jeff Miller claims that dinosaurs going extinct prove global warming isn't real, Saint Louis Archbishop designate Robert Carlson claims he didn't know child sexual abuse was illegal in the 1980s and your calls and IMs.

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