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David Huyssen, a Lectuer at Yale University and author of Progressive Inequality: Rich and Poor in New York, 1890–1920the historical mixed records of progressive reformers of the 19th century, the surge in industrial violence in the 1880s and 1890s, modern state violence and inequality, progressives and "instructing" the poor, when the wealthy paid to watch the poor eat in Madison Square Garden, why charity can't deal with poverty, structural poverty in New York in the 1890s and the child mortality rate, arson rings, the goals of the early progressive movement, why the progressives did not advocate for bottom up empowerment, what really created social mobility, privatization and the ongoing failure to address poverty at its root and why serious wealth redistribution is unavoidable to solve problems.

On The Fun Half: Alex Jones spins conspiracy theories after two of his fans go on a killing spree, Alex Jones explains how he would stage a false flag, Alex Jones explains why the killers liked him and the Pauls on Facebook, hint its a Obama/Zuckerberg conspiracy, Las Vegas shooting spree undercuts another dangerous NRA myth, crazy libertarians ideology, why have a concealed carry permit? Family tradition and guns, Random Rush and your calls and IMs.

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