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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Ben Dixon of The Benjamin Dixon Show to round up the week in news. Then, Sam and Emma are joined by David Feldman of The David Feldman Show. Ben Dixon joins as they run through the Right’s reaction to recent white supremacist mass shootings, following MTG’s rejection of a domestic terror bill on the grounds that Black people are terrorists too, and Ben dives into the need for organized self-defense as racial terror from individuals and the state continues to heighten. Ben, Emma, and Sam then cover Tucker Carlson’s claim that these people are being called white supremacists for their economic critiques of Joe Biden, like murdering 10 Black people in broad daylight, and Crowder asks why we don’t object to Black neighborhoods, where, incidentally, Black people were forced into areas of exploitative economic, housing, and health policy. Ben then dives deeper into the role of algorithms as today’s principal organizing factor for white supremacists, as it bolsters their commitment to controversial coverage in their clamor for celebrity, reinforcing the worst and most exploitative elements of society. Ben wraps up his time on the show by exploring his recent experiences with racialized violence in Jacksonville, and gives Sam and Emma a preview of an incredibly emotionally-charged song soon to be released. Next, Dave “David” Feldman joins as he dives into the horrible anti-semitism that has driven a wholesome political action committee like AIPAC to change its name and go through dark money avenues, reminds us of the importance of standing up for the Davids of this world (Zelenskyy, David Feldman, Howard Schultz) against the disastrous goliaths (Putin, Sam, wage workers), before also touching on his connection to unions (via Pinkerton, of course), and the importance of bearing his teeth. Sam and Emma also cover the continued destruction of Eastern Ukraine by Russia, and the massive impact it will have on starvation rates in the region, Elon’s sexual harassment charges, and the NYT’s shockingly bad coverage of Oklahoma’s abortion ban.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss the GOP’s response to Fetterman’s victory, as Dr. Oz goes the populist route of calling PA potheads lazy and calling out people who wear hoodies, before the Church MIlitant network gets one step ahead of every mainstream Republican as they proclaim that they’re gunning for gay marriage, birth control, and casual sex next. Fox and Friends come out FOR the baby formula shortage, Sam from PA has an extended discussion on the massive impact abortion bans will have on disabled people and those with any number of medical conditions, Matt from NJ dives into rhetorical responses to freedom arguments, and Cynthia Lummis is showered by jeers as she tries to bring transphobia to a commencement address, plus, your calls and IMs!


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