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Sam hosts Geraldo Cadava (@gerry_cadava), professor of history at Northwestern University, to discuss his new book The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of an American Political Identity, from Nixon to Trump and the post-war efforts by conservatives to make inroads with the largest growing demographic in America.

On today's show: Supreme Court rules that LGBT people are federally protected from employment discrimination. Trump hobbles down stair ramp at West Point commencement with West Point band playing in background.

Geraldo Cadava (@gerry_cadava), professor of history at Northwestern University, joins Sam to discuss his new book, The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of an American Political Identity, from Nixon to TrumpHow Nixon and Reagan used the politics of elite representation to appeal to Hispanic/Latino voters as individual candidates. How Latino support for Reagan fit in with the larger trend of the "Reagan Democrat." How growing nativism in the Republican Party caused Hispanic Republicans to dig in and defend the party. How Hispanic Republicans went from supporting the candidate in spite of the party, to supporting the party in spite of the candidate.

On the fun half: WH officials did know the significance of Juneteeth, didn't think there'd be this much pushback. Trump says he's done more for black Americans than Anyone, except maybe Lincoln "although it's always questionable." Kudlow says rise in cases and hospitalizations across country are not sign of a second wave, but rather "small bumps." SUNDAY: Tapper thanks Kudlow for suggesting people wear masks, presumes Kudlow will wear one in Tulsa on Saturday, Kudlow hesitates. Kudlow says WH doesn't want to renew unemployment supplement, says WH wants to incentivize going back to work. Joe Rogan asks Bill Burr about his feelings on wearing a mask, Burr is having none of it. Tim Scott says any repeal of qualified immunity is a "poison pill" from Democrats and nothing will get done if Democrats insist qualified immunity repeal stays. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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