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It’s Casual Friday! Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter) is on today's show!

And we have week in review songs from the Screaming Majority and Jimmy Reefercake (@JimmyReefercake)!

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We are LIVE at Zuccotti Park aka Liberty Plaza today covering Occupy Wall Street! We’ll be talking with protesters and whoever else we run into down there today!

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It's Wednesday and the Majority Report is here to get you over that hump!

Today, one of our absolute favorite guests, Digby (@digby56) joins us! We’ll be talking about Occupy Wall Street...and everything else. Be sure to tune in!

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The one and only Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi), Political Reporter at Rolling Stone magazine, joins us on today’s show to talk Occupy Wall Street!

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It’s Monday and that means…the start of a brand new week of action-packed shows! Sam’s back in the studio, Matt’s back from his week off and the Majority Report is back in full gear! We have two awesome guests for you today.

Today on the show, we have actor Mark Ruffalo (@Mruff221) on the show! We’ll be talking with him about Occupy Wall Street and more!

And that’s not all! We also have Greg Basta (@GBNYChange) of Occupy the Boardroom on the show. Be sure to tune in to the show for our can’t miss #OccupyWallStreet coverage!

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At showtime Occupy Wall Street continues as Bloomberg et al back down- by end of show protstors moving on wall st are arrested- with Jeff Smith Live from OWS. Cliff Schecter sits with Sam for the entire not so casual friday - they're both in Vegas for the Mass Tort Conference. SOngs from Screaming MAjority and Jimmy Reefercake!

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Sam is live from Las Vegas at the Mass Tort Conference with Guests Susan Saladoff on her film Hot Coffee, Attorney's on failed medical procedure and support for burn victims in Haiti. Also, report of Occupy Philly from Journalist Daniel Denvir and listener reports of Occupy Minneapolis and Occupy Portland.

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Author Randall Kennedy of The Persistence of the Color Line, speaks to how race plays into Obama's success in becoming elected President and how it inhibits his governing as President.

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Sam on the road... but fresh content served up! Mike Lofgren, former GOP staffer says goodbye to all that!

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Charlie Savage on his piece Power Wars: Unmasking National Security Legal Policy Deliberations Under Bush & Obama

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