The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Recorded after the convention early friday morning, discussing the impact of the RNC.

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Montel Williams calls out Bill O'Reilly on Periscope.

Historian Rick Perlstein, a columnist for the Washington Spectator, explains the history and purpose of political conventions. The almost contested convention between Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller and the drama of the 1980 Democratic Convention. Is the Trump Convention different? Ted Cruz's play against Trump and how much is there resistance to the Trump candidacy in the Republican Party? And contrasting Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fear mongers and race baits for Trump. Fran Tarkenton motivates for Trump. Marsha Blackburn talks nonsense. Governor Mary Fallon talks about her America.  Peter Theil is very disturbing.  Ivanka Trump promotes her daddy and Donald Trump has his fantastic moment and your calls and IMs.

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