The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter explains Nelson Mandela's legacy, what Mandela meant on college and high school campuses in the 1980s, why the rights leading lights backed Apartheid South Africa, William F Buckley's disgusting writing on Nelson Mandela, Mandela's incredible capacity for forgiveness, the importance of sanctions and boycotts in ending Apartheid, President Obama speaks out on inequality, is it to little to late? Is Congress about to pass Fast Track trade authority and the endless failures of Neo-Liberal policy.

Tom Scharpling the host of the Best Show Ever, explains how he helped create the Majority Report, why before the invasion of Iraq there no real voices of dissent in mainstream, Sam's experience making A Bad Situationistwhy Tom is ending his show and Tom suggested the "boring" documentary Salinger.  

Bill O'Reilly calls Nelson Mandela a communist and Rick Santorum compares healthcare reform to Apartheid, a Random Rush and your IMs.

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