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Cliff Schecter explains the new Chris Christie commissioned report that clears Chris Christie, Christie's own lawyers say he s cleared and some in the media take it at face value, how Christie wins by releasing this report, why the media does not call out Christie's systemic corruption, the highlights of the report, why Christie is so nasty, how Obamacare will affect or not affect the 2014 elections, more Senate Democrats call for increased Social Security funding,  how the simple winning formula for Democrats in 2014 and why Democrats shouldn't freak out about Nate Silver's predictions.

Film Guy Matthew Weiss explains why he liked the Wrestler and not Darren Aronofsky's other movies, how Sam first met Matthew, how the September 11th attacks impacted the making of a Bad Situationists, Matthew's reaction to the "#CancelColbert" twitter campaign, why we need to protect satire, and Matthew suggested the film that he edited Detonator and explains why we should watchNetwork again.

On The Fun: a new song from Jimmy Reefercake on Cheney In Bushes, Right Wing Mandela backs the Keystone Pipeline and your IMs.

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