The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Professor Adolph Reed Jr., explains how the Democratic Party embraced the neo-liberal agenda, how the shock of the Reagan Presidency shaped the modern Democratic Party, the role of the Democratic Leadership Council in moving Democrats to the right, the rightward legacy of Bill Clinton, the decoupling of class and social politics, why we have one neo-liberal party that is multicultural and another that is reactionary, why the left is in retreat, why acknowledging the problem can allow for a strengthening of leftist politics, how progressive politics is cheapened, how the left can rebuild itself and why we need to stop searching for progressive savors.

On The Fun Half: Elijah Cummings calls out Darrell Issa for continuing his IRS Jihad in Congress and Issa attempts to silence Cummings in Congress, Lindsey Graham's insane explanation for why Russia invaded Ukraine, integrating social and economic politics, Chipotle says the climate crisis threatens guacamole supply and your calls and IMs.

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