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New York Times National Security Correspondent and author of the The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth Mark Mazzetti explains how the roots of the CIA Senate spying scandal began with the 2005 CIA destruction of torture tapes, Dianne Feinstein's accusations against the CIA, the role Acting General Council of the CIA Robert Eatinger in the torture and spying stories, how Senate investigators discovered that the CIA was lying about the efficacy of the CIA torture program, the Senate investigation into the CIA torture program, the Panetta Review, Why both the CIA and the Intelligence Committee have referred criminal probes to the Department of Justice, John Brennen's role in the torture program, the role of the White House in the dispute between the CIA and the Senate Intelligence committee? Is there any cost for the White House in its response to the investigation, will the White House invoke Executive Privilege and why Republicans hate the report and Democrats know the clock is ticking.

On The Fun Half: old Majority Report friend Austin Ruse says he wants college professors to be shot, the problems with intentions in politics, Paul Ryan blames poverty on "lazy inner city men", the destructive conservative myth that culture creates poverty, the shrinking deficit reveals another conservative myth and your IMs.

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