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Political maestro Cliff Schecter explains the paranoid and insane worldview presented by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre, why the right ring is defined by fear, loss and bigotry, why the gun cartel makes us less safe, the cultural roots of the NRA's racial politics, Paul Ryan's sociopathic attack on school lunches, his attack on poor parents, why Ryan's argument is like an old Eddie Murphy bit, The conservatives love of Putin, what Crimea means for the United States, the different factions battling in Ukraine, why the right wants us to drill in response to Ukraine, Paul Ryan makes another story and the shameful Senate failure to confirm President Obama's nominee for head of the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.

Isabel Gillies talked with Sam about his move to Brooklyn, why Isabel thinks Brooklyn is really hip, why Isabel's Super Bowl Party was disaster and Isabel broke format and suggested we read the book The Goldfinch.  

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