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Journalist and Senior Fellow at the Regional Plan Association in New York Alex Marshall author of The Surprising Design of Market Economiesexplains why the term "free market" is a misnomer, why only governments create markets, why we need to have a debate about what type of markets we want, the evolution of private property, how water became a public good, President Obama's new initiative to make more workers paid for overtime work, how intellectual property laws have created monopolies, how to redesign corporations, why large corporations should have national charters, what are the Commons, are we becoming more caring as a society and the public education debate, the future of the Commons and why progressives need to articulate a more optimistic vision.

On The Fun Half: what are maker spaces and how they could reinvent education, NSA spying and crazy presidents, the value of testing in education, President Obama to extend worker eligibility for overtime pay, Senator Ron Wyden tells Jake Tapper that the CIA spying on the senate Intelligence committee because they do not want Bush era torture policies to be made public, debating Charter schools and your calls and IMs.

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