The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman nominee for a major political party.

Cliff Schecter discusses the Democrats optimism and how the Democrats attacked Trump. Did Trump commit treason. Did Bernie endorse to late? The Donald danger. Did Hillary Clinton hear Bernie? How can the Democratic Party come together. Don't be a useful idiot for Donald Trump. What's the best way to protest Hillary Clinton. Does the Democratic Convention leave you feeling better about America. Rev William Barber gives an incredible speech at the DNC. Khizr Khan, father of Muslim soldier killed in Iraq calls out Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton sounds like Bernie Sanders. Where did Hillary misstep. Ripping apart Donald Trump.

Myla Seder reflects on her views on John McCain and her evolving understanding of politics. Myla calls out Trump for being a human eating monster. Her thoughts on Hillary Clinton's speech Why Myla loves Joe Biden. What Hillary needs to do. Why Ghostbusters 3 is the best third movie ever and Myla calls conservatives out for disrespecting women.

On The Fun Half: debating the future of the Democratic Party. Which convention went better? Bush derangement syndrome still exists. Donald Trump is very angry about getting attacked at the DNC. Donald Trump rambles about Russia and almost commits treason.

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Michael Shure of The Young Turks and Bit Torrent News explains the difference between Democratic and Republican conventions. Why day four of the convention was important for taking the fight to Donald Trump. The gender dynamics of the convention. President Obama, President Clinton and judging Hillary Clinton's record. Was Michael Bloomberg effective and Tim Kaine's debut.

Mark Thompson of Sirius XM explains why the three parties from the center to the left to the Green. Why its better to fight with Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. Are we missing what the Sanders campaign was all about. Why Nina Turner didn't speak. What is Terry Mcauliffe doing? How did Mark Thompson get caught up in the DNC emails? The why of Tim Kaine.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, explains why her aunt never ran for President. Archetypes of Women power. Why America lacks pictures of women in power. Hillary Clinton's path to power and the politics of marriage and is the Democratic convention doing what it needs to do?

On The Fun Half: Stephanie Schriock, the President of Emily's List and satirist Will Durst join us and full reviews of all of last nights major speeches from Bloomberg to Obama.

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Sirius XM host Pete Dominick, pretends to be a politician facing corruption allegations. How did Bill Clinton's speech go? Does Hillary Clinton deserve more credit. Does Michael Bloomberg's endorsement? And Is Tim Kaine a good pick?

Christine Pelosi of Campaign Boot Camp, talks about training activists and candidates across the globe. Bernie Sanders supporters getting into politics. Diminishing the role of Super Delegates. What happens next in the Super Delegate reform process. The Pelosi family and Democratic reform.

Legendary Newsman explains why Donald Trump is unlike anyone who has run for President before. Will Trump be the first Social Media President. Will the 2016 conventions be remembered? The lines of decency that Trump crosses and is it about Trump or the Republican Party?

On The Fun Half: Paul Bruce calls for unity and explains why Unions support Hillary Clinton. Jane kleeb explains how the Democratic Party is changing. Sam and Michael review Bill Clinton's speech and David Dayen highlights concerns about Tim Kaine.

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Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks join Sam and give first reactions to the first night of the DNC. Was the first night to soft on Trump. How strong is the Bernie or Bust sentiment in the convention hall. Has Hillary Clinton met Bernie supporters half way? The TPP and the lame duck. Debating Obama, rhetoric and healthcare. The difference between Keystone and TPP. What will a Clinton Presidency look like? And how do you beat Trump?

Bernie delegate David Sparks, says that Bernie supporters feel unwelcome. Are David's problems about politics or simply disrespect. The debate on fracking. Is this election just a smaller part of a larger movement. The Bernie movement goes local and Donald Trump entertaining and why he appeals to people and what comes next!

Why did Bernie speak last.

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Who was behind the Turkish coup attempt and why did it fail? The possibility Erdogan could be behind it himself. The massive purges in the judiciary, academia, the military. The historical political dynamics of Turkey, and Erdogan's nemesis, Fethullah Gulen. Erdogan's shift to autocracy. Erdogan's media takeover and online harassment.. The irony of Erdogan using social media to save himself.

Then, Sam calls in from the DNC in Philadelphia.

On the fun half (48:00) - Tim Kaine as VP choice. Kaine's snubbing of Netanyahu's speech in congress in 2015. Why Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to go. Trump returns to his wife being hotter than Ted Cruz's, and Ted's dad's breakfast association with Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Recorded after the convention early friday morning, discussing the impact of the RNC.

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Montel Williams calls out Bill O'Reilly on Periscope.

Historian Rick Perlstein, a columnist for the Washington Spectator, explains the history and purpose of political conventions. The almost contested convention between Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller and the drama of the 1980 Democratic Convention. Is the Trump Convention different? Ted Cruz's play against Trump and how much is there resistance to the Trump candidacy in the Republican Party? And contrasting Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio fear mongers and race baits for Trump. Fran Tarkenton motivates for Trump. Marsha Blackburn talks nonsense. Governor Mary Fallon talks about her America.  Peter Theil is very disturbing.  Ivanka Trump promotes her daddy and Donald Trump has his fantastic moment and your calls and IMs.

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Terrell Jermaine Starr National Political Reporter for Fusion talks about the Republican Convention and the relationship with Cleveland's African American community. Why black people think (rightly) that Trump is racist. Why this year will see the most diverse American electorate ever. The state of the race in Ohio. Why protests in Cleveland have been so mellow. A Police state for the Convention? And also the thought process of a Black Republican?

Scott Walker advocates for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz speaks and does not endorse Donald Trump. Eric Trump fights for his dad. Cliff Schecter and Andy Kindler call in and Donald Trump ripped off Andy Kindler's dad. Newt Gingrich speaks! Mike Pence is incredibly boring.

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Huffington Post's Ryan Grim talks about last nights convention drama. The real story behind Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama and all the palace intrigue.

Donald Trump officially gets the Republican nomination. How did Melania Trump steal from Michelle Obama and rick roll the convention? Katherine Harris call in from the pipe she is stuck in at the convention. Tameron Hall destroys Scott Baio. Controversy on the floor of the GOP. The head of the UFC talks about his "friend" Donald Trump. Dug calls in. Senator Ron Johnson is not bright. Natalie Gulbis talks about politics and faith. Paul Ryan gives a dull and stupid speech. Chris Christie attacks Hillary Clinton. Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr, pretend to love their dad. Cliff Schecter calls in to join the madness. Ben Carson is not "politically correct!" and believes in lucifer. Right Wing Mandela live from the convention.


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Huffpost Live's Alyona Minkovski, explains what's happening on the ground in Cleveland. The many, many groups protesting Donald Trump and the Republican Convention. How safe is it outside the convention and will the press coverage demonstrations and how brutal will the Police be?

We hear from "Kathrine Harris", Judy Gold, listen to a bizarre and boring convention speeches from Scott, Baio, a Duck dynasty guy, Cliff Schecter calls in. David Clarke says "Blue Lives matter"! Congressman Sean Murphy and his wife give a bizarre anti Hillary speech. Senate candidate David Glenn gives another awful speech. Tom Cotton fear mongers. Karen Vaughn calls torture. Senator Jeff Sessions brings the bigotry home. Rudy Giuliani worships police and attacks Muslims. Andy Kindler joins us. Donald Trump introduces Melania Trump. General Michael Flynn is a "determined American".

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