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Political strategist and weekly guest Cliff Schecter explains why President Obama is the fourth President in a row to bomb Iraq, the human rights crisis in Iraq, the potential goals of military strikes in Iraq, why humanitarian intervention might be justified to save the Yazdi community, the austerity crisis in Cincinnati and Detroit, the Tea Party virus and local politics, defending Cincinnati's history from the Tea Party and creditors, why the right and corporations benefit from polarization and the Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Marc Maron explains the difference between Sam's radio voice and his normal voice, the best ways to deal with anxiety, what's bothering Marc, why Maron does not listen to the Majority Report, Sam's latest mishap in terrestrial radio, the latest on the podcast troll lawsuit, Adam Carolla fights the good fight on podcast trolls, what Marc is gonna do in Tampa and will Sam ever be on Marc's podcast or TV show?

Victoria Jackson loses her bid for a County Commissioner in Tennessee, the distinction between military action in Iraq and Syria and your IMs.

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