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Middle East analyst and commentator Holly Dagres explains why US airstrikes against ISIS are needed, the unique threat that ISIS poses to Iraq, the failures of Nouri al Maliki's leadership, sectarian violence and Iraq's future and what are the best policy options moving forward.

Freelance journalist Dion Beary explains why race is a problem in professional wrestling, why there has never been an African-American WWE World champion, how black professional wrestlers are often portrayed as characters based simply on their blackness and and why the sport fired one its most important stars for confronting racism inside the WWE.

On The Fun Half: Sarah Palin releases her most incoherent video yet, income inequality might be even worse than thought because of tax evasion, police kill two more unarmed black teenagers, James O'keefe crosses the US Mexico border in an Osama Ben Ladan mask and your IMs.

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