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Nicole Nguyen an Assistant Professor of Social Foundations of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of A Curriculum of Fear: Homeland Security in U.S. Public Schools, explains the relationship between national security and public schools. Programs that train public school students in national security and spying. Ways of thinking about security and the infusion of homeland security ideology and violence into public schools. Homeland Security and leveraging resources for "school reform". What are the results of the Homeland Security program like and the effects of fear on young people.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump is told by a Pastor to stop making a political speech at her Church and he backs down and later attacks her Fox. Democrats move towards a new and better public option. A Trump punches a seventy year old woman with a oxygen tank. A Flint resident is offended by Trump's visit and your calls and IMs.

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Colin Powell has his emails leaked and we find out what he really thinks about Benghazi and Donald Trump. Bob Woodward is actually not a great journalist. Colin Powell and Condi Rice trash Neocons for getting Iraq wrong over email. New leaked documents reveal the incredible power of corporate money in American politics and probable corruption in Scott Walker's Wisconsin. Donald Trump is not going to release his medical records on the Dr Oz show. Donald Trump agrees to a Family Leave plan because his daughter forced him to do it.  Hillary Clinton offers a progressive paid leave plan. Big Sugar corrupts Harvard scientists.

On The Fun Half: Hillary Clinton is almost certainly going to win the Presidency. Sean Hannity has a Brown Belt! Bill O'Reilly has a bizarre understanding of race. Steve King claims Colin Kaepernick is supporting ISIS. President Obama destroys Donald Trump and your calls and IMs.

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Author and reporter John Washington explains why there are prison strikes taking place across America. The Free Alabama Movement. Post Civil War America and the American prison system. How brands like McDonalds and Victoria Secret benefit from prison labor. How prisoners are working many hours and receiving no payment. The modern prison human rights movement and how prisoners are organizing. Creating prison unions. The crisis in prison human rights and who is covering the strikes and where we go from here.

Remembering the murder of the Attica prison protesters.

On The Fun Half: Mike Pence will not call David Duke deplorable. Internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos has no idea what he is talking about. Donald Trump tries to make his supporters feel good about themselves. Trump supporters assault protestors. Bill O'Reilly tries to spin his defense of Roger Ailes and your calls and IMs.

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Michael Monday today with Bhaskar Sunkara (@sunraysunray), talking Jeremy Corbyn and the contest for the Labour leadership. What Corbyn's resilience means for the future of the Labour party. Why Labour's prospects for victory in the next election are narrow. The exodus of workers from the Labour party. What it means for the left to take over Labour. How Labour is more easily influenced to the left than America's Democratic Party. How third parties take off.

On the fun half - Pence gravely defends Trump supporters as "not a basket of anything," Obama halts the North Dakota Access Pipeline, Trump wants to fill the Supreme Court with Scalias, and your calls and IMs!

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Phil Robertson says the Founders believed flood victims should deal with it themselves.

Cliff Schecter joins us to talk about the media and the current campaign coverage. The media's moment of reckoning with Matt Lauer's horrible Commander-in-Chief Forum performance and the lack of proportion in covering Hillary's emails and Donald Trump's blatant fraudulence. How television news ruined everything.

Former MR producer and current staff at Matt Binder joins the show to discuss his times since leaving the show. Is his child drinking Monster Energy drinks. Which NY billionaire is worse, Bloomberg and Trump? And Matt recommends watching "Stranger Things" and "Tallulah" on Netflix.

On the fun half - Glenn Beck has an insane analogy about our country and birth pangs, Corportatist Dems line up against Colorado Care, Mike Pence says Trump has a Reaganesque "core of humility," and your calls and IMs!

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Today Sam, Kelly, and Matt break down NBC's Commander-in-Chief debate hosted by Matt Lauer. The waste of time by Lauer on email questions. Lauer's total lack of follow-up questions. Gary Johnson asks "What is Aleppo?"

On the Fun Half - More Commander-in-Chief Forum recap. What should the media do to cover Trump better, and your calls and IMs.

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Attorney with Earthjustice Stephanie Tsosie and Young Turks reporter Jordan Chariton (@JordanChariton) for updates on the North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests. 

Stephanie on the parties involved in the suit, originally brought against the Army Corps of Engineers, and Energy Transfer Partners, the pipeline company itself. The immediate goal of halting construction.

Jordan Chariton on the impressive camp sizes forming near the pipeline areas of Native Americans from around the state and country. The different degrees of obstructive protest being deployed by the "protectors." The historical solidarity of the protests in the wider Native American community.

On the fun half - Donald Trump continues practicing for the Commander-in-Chief forum, Pam Bondi is desperately trying to prove she wasn't bribed by Trump to not investigate Trump University, Hannity and Assange bond over Hillary Clinton's email, and your calls and IMs.

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New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman, explains the legal fallout from the sexual harassment allegations against Roger Ailes. The Gretchen Carlson settlement. Roger Ailes and his enemies. How Rupert Murdoch protects his executives who cross the line. Is Roger Ailes going to target Murdoch's sons. Why Greta Van Sustren is leaving Fox News so fast. Is Megyn Kelly going to jump ship? Is Sean Hannity scared? And how could Fox News executive Bill Shine not have known what was happening with Roger Ailes and the harassment culture.

Donald Trump sways awkwardly at a Black Church in Detroit and Ben Carson checks his phone.

On The Fun Half: Ben Carson, leaves an interview to find his luggage. Bill Clinton sits on the board and gets big money from an online college. Donald Trump will not talk about being a Birther anymore. Katrina Pierson goes to new stupid places in defending her boss. Donald Trump does not pay his campaign staff. America and China move forward on a climate deal. Security contractors unleash attack dogs on Native American protesters in North Dakota. Woke Henry Kissinger and your calls and IMs.

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On this year's Labor Day special, some speeches featured before and some that haven't. Here's the rundown:

Studs Terkel compilation on the relevance of Labor Day.

Excerpt from John Lewis' "Democracy In Steel" from July 1936

Frances Perkins on the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

Eugene Debs, "Winning a World."

Eugene Debs, as performed by Mark Ruffalo.

Eugene Debs, from "The Crimes of Carnegie." (Read by a Librivox volunteer) 

Harry Truman upon vetoing Taft-Hartley.

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Cliff Schecter wants to know why the New York Times is obsessed with the Clintons. The new nothing story about the Clinton Foundation. Trump's immense corruption and abuse. Hillary Clinton needs to stop trying to appeal to Republicans. Why Clinton is failing to connect Republicans to Donald Trump. Trump doubles down on bigotry. Why John McCain might lose his Senate seat and will John Kasich undermine Donald Trump in Ohio?

Isabel Gillies calls in from her vacation. Is Pokemon GO dangerous? Does Isabel believe in spirits? The colonial history of Iraq and Isabel tells us to watch Almost Famous and Primal Fear.

On The Fun Half: A Trump advisor warns against "Taco Trucks" on every corner. Colin Kaepernick continues his protest and gets more supporter from other players. Was Donald Trump the most dangerous candidate. Alex Jones warns of the technocracy and your calls and IMs.

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