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Journalist Patrick Cokburn explains how Isis developed out of Syria and Iraq, the origins of Isis in Al Quada in Iraq, Sunni repression in post Saddam Iraq, what Hillary Clinton misses about arming moderate rebels in Syria, what regional powers support Jihadi fighters, the strategic miscalculation with the Assad regime, the Sunni community and Isis in Iraq, the brutality of Isis, what accounts for Isis's power and military capacity, how Isis uses social media, Iran's hatred of Isis, the Kurdish strategy, why a Kurdish group considered a terrorist organization is most effective in fighting Isis, the choice between Assad and Isis, how fast is Isis growing? And how much of a global security threat is Isis?

On The Fun Half: Iowa State Senator admits to taking bribe to switch his support from Michele Bachmann to Ron Paul, Mitch McConnell's campaign manager implicated by the bribery story, the New York Times endorses Tim Wu for NY LT governor, Ben Stein explains that all tall young black men are armed and your IMs.

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