The Majority Report with Sam Seder (general)

Matt Taibbi talks with Sam about the Audit the FED bill that passed the house and the lack of media coverage the last time around, why Guy Lawson’s book Octopus is so good atexplaining how Wall street works and a revealing interview Thomas Friedman did with a tough radio host in New Zealand.

On the better half
After calling for a Police general strike in favor of gun control, Mike Bloomberg endorses anti gun control Scott Brown for Senate. A new study concludes that Medicare saves lives (shocker) and 2012 is the hottest year on record in the United States. You will never believe what Mitt Romney said to the Brits about the Olympics.

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On today's show Sam discussed the string of scandals rocking the Philadelphia charter school system, Pennsylvania Republicans continued to push voter purge bills And Peter Orszag writes an incredibly disingenuous argument for privatizing the Postal Service.

In the better half, Sam talked about Romney backer Suzy Welch saying Obama comes from the "other" America and a Romney aide speaking off the record in the UK saying that Obama doesn't respect our "Anglo Saxon Heritage." Wonder what they're referring to?

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Hullabaloo blogger Digby (@digby56) joined us today to talk the Dems plans for the fiscal cliff showdown, and the renewed drive to cut Social Security and Medicare.

In the better half, Sam talked the surge in gun sales in Colorado, Fox hosts two little girls to explain Republican economic policy and Bloomberg calls for a strike.

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Cliff SchecterLibertas LLC, talks NRA in wake of shooting rampage in Aurora, calls out right-wing  Chick-fil-A chain (not a pop singer!) and indulges in weekly Romney bashing. And Isabel Gillies delivers this week's film pick (surprise, surprise!).

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Glen Ford, editor of Black Agenda Report, on destructive policies of the Obama administration, the quiescent Left and the collapse of the Black community's voice in opposing this President. Listen LIVE at 12-noon (EST)

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Stephen Kohn from the National Whistleblowers Center on FDA's surveillance of whistleblowing scientists; the invasive email dump, an enemies list and other elements of the case. Listen LIVE at 12-noon (EST)

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David Dayen from Firedoglake News discusses California's Prop 32, the ballot initiative to divest unions of their political voice under guise of "campaign finance reform".  Prop 32 goes before voters in November. Listen LIVE at 12-noon (EST)

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Acclaimed writer Tom Junod on the targeted killing, drone strikes, capture and kill wars begun by Bush but given a legal and moral apparatus by Obama.  His Esquire article, "The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama."  LIsten LIVE at 12-noon (EST)

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Investigative journalist Guy Lawson on his book, Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street's Wildest Con.  Also, interviews from Netroots Nation, EJ Graff (@ejgraff) from American Prospect and Susie Sampson(@susiesampson) from Tea Party Report.

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Physicist and Nobel Prize winner, Steven Weinberg, on Higgs boson particle, today's attitude toward science and implications of not funding big science.   His latest book, Lake Views: This World and the Universe.  And, from Netroots Nation, Forrest Brown, from  Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

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