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It's Casual Friday! Emma and the MR Crew break down the biggest headlines of the day. Then, they're joined by comedian Matt Lieb, co-host of the Bad Hasbara podcast! First, Emma runs through updates on the Supreme Court’s upholding of the right to seize arms from domestic abusers, the continued slowwalking of Trump’s documents case, Armenia’s recognition of Palestinian statehood, Israel’s handing of West Bank authority over to settlers, the charges against Pro-Palestine Columbia protesters, the ADL’s falling legitimacy, Trump-Biden polling, the Saudi role in 9/11, climate change activism, and authoritarian alliances, before tackling the GOP’s odd framing tactic for the first presidential debate. Next, she parses through some recent polling out of Emerson showing Biden behind in every swing state – even where Democrats are dominating the polling in other races – Louisiana’s recent legislation mandating the Ten Commandments be displayed in schools, and Michigan residents’ ongoing fight against the removal of in-person visitation for inmates. After diving into the developing story around Israel’s continued empowerment of violent settler factions in the West Bank, Emma is joined by Matt Lieb as he touches on the definition of “Hasbara” (Israeli propaganda), and his relationship to zionist indoctrination. Lieb walks through the story of his birthright trip, the hypocrisy of Israel’s claim to Jewish safety, and the absurd lengths that Zionists will go to with their Hasbara.

And in the Fun Half: Emma watches Rep. Dean Phillips’ painful response to “do Palestinian lives not matter?”, and explores what people think Israel’s motives are (and what Israel willfully admits it is), before unpacking Dave Rubin’s foray into sports as a part of the “Caitlin Clark is a victim of anti-white racism” bandwagon, plus, your IMs!

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