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It’s Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with Randall Eliason, white collar crime professor at George Washington University Law School and author of the Sidebars newsletter, to discuss the recent developments in all of Trump's criminal cases. First, they run through updates on Israel’s mass slaughter of civilians in Rafah, failing US aid to Gaza, the Texas GOP, Biden’s nomination for President, South African politics, Alito’s absurd alibi, and the future of the Clean Water Act, before watching John Kirby claim offense over an incredibly reasonable question that happens to acknowledge the horrors occurring in Gaza. Professor Randall Eliason then joins, as he dives right into a summary of the central arguments on either side of Trump’s ongoing hush money case, parsing particularly through Trump’s Defense’s decision to step away from the incredibly viable route of undermining the “proof of intent” in Trump’s payments to Michael Cohen, instead going all in on the Trumpian route of character assassinations against Stormy Daniels and Cohen, and relying on claims that these were legitimate legal expenses (they weren’t). Next, Professor Eliason explores the concept of the broader fraud arguments Alvin Bragg’s prosecution could have used against Donald Trump, before wrapping up their Hush Money conversation by assessing the impact of a hung jury on the future of the case. Randall then looks to Trump’s January 6th case, and Jack Smith’s special council indictment as the second most likely case to be heard before November, and tackles Judge Aileen Cannon’s successful attempts to slow-walk the “Stolen Documents” case in Florida, before wrapping up the interview with the Supreme Court’s role in Trump’s various legal woes, and whether the recent charges against Alito will have any impact on the Court. Sam and Emma also examine the major holes in Justice Alito’s recent attempt to shirk responsibility for hoisting various blatantly anti-Democratic and conspiratorial flags at his house.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Donald Trump Jr. call out notorious grifter… Robert De Niro? walk through major issues around polling and turnout as November’s presidential election draws near, and parse through Tim Pool’s warning to teenage women that if they don’t try to fuck him, they’ll be single forever. They also dive into Samuel Alito’s refusal to recuse himself from the Trump case in the wake of the Justice’s January 6th flag waving, American Airlines’ stunning display of racial discrimination, and RFK’s claim that US history, in the context of confederate statues, should be celebrated and protected. Seinfeld goes full latte liberal (or a frappé fascist perhaps), plus, your calls and IMs!

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