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It’s News Day Tuesday and the MR Crew is back from the long weekend! But first they speak with Luke Goldstein, writing fellow at The American Prospect, to discuss his recent reporting on Red Lobster’s bankruptcy & the DOJ filing a lawsuit against LiveNation. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel’s military cruising past Biden’s Rafah red-line with no repercussions, revelations around Israel’s decade-long war against the ICC, obstacles to international aid to Gaza, Trump’s struggles with law and libertarians, the UAW’s Mercedes push, WaPo’s burying of Sam Alito’s conspiracy-brain, US internet infrastructure, labor action, and pandemic preparedness, before watching Human Rights Watch founder Aryeh Neier charging Israel with genocide. Luke Goldstein then joins, diving right into the ongoing DOJ attempt to break up the gauging god that is LiveNation, touching on the myriad recent events that have pushed LiveNation’s monopoly to the fore before walking through the long process by which they went from a mere concert promotion platform to a major controller of every step of the concert going process before you enter the venue, featuring a merge with Ticketmaster sponsored by the Obama Administration’s Rahm Emmanuel. Next, Goldstein looks to the recent bankruptcy of Red Lobster, and the Private Equity rig job behind both the financial collapse and the lies about why it happened, first walking through the supposed “endless shrimp” fiasco that (very much didn’t) lead to Red Lobster’s turmoil, before tackling the much-less entertaining reality of Golden Gate Capital buying up the company, selling all of their land to recoup their costs, and immediately signing onto outrageously priced permanent leases. Sam and Emma also touch on Rashida Tlaib’s incredible condemnation of Joe Biden’s support for Israel’s genocide, and watch British Commentator James Whale (not a fictional stereotype, we swear) completely his unabashed shamelessness in the face of a pro-Palestinian Black woman.

Ad in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba on why it’s unfair that jurors are allowed to listen to news, Rep. Crocket dissects the corrupt GOP control of the federal judiciary and the inaction of the Democratic-led Senate Judiciary Committee that led to it, and RFK tactfully discusses the horrors of institutionalized slavery, like mask mandates. The Good Liars stir some conflict at the Libertarian National Convention as Donald Trump makes a controversial appearance, which provides many other highlights, Thomas from Central Ohio reconnects with Emma, Tom from Virginia grapples with our electoral choices come November, and Nikki Haley shows of her Zionist bona fides, plus, your calls and IMs!

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